Unicorns, Rainbows & Birthday Magic

Hello my lovelies!

My first Food blog. And I promise, it’s a yummy one. Like it might actually leave real cravings. 

So 2017 marked my quarter-of-a-century birthday on October 15th. I spent a month abroad travelling from Egypt to Hong Kong just prior to that and only reached South Africa on the 14th of October. My amazing boyfriend, who didn’t join me on this trip, knowing my Unicorn obsession decided to give me the best birthday cake ever. EVER.

I mean on a level of zero  to awesome….I think it pretty much knocked awesome out the park. Oh and in case you were wondering, yes, that is Olaf in the background behind me. And yes, I am wearing a unicorn headband. And no, I feel no shame for either of those things 😀

But back to the cake. I mean, as if It wasn’t pretty enough to look at, you cut it open and this happened…

Now think of every sweet and chocolate inspired goodie you can imagine. Got them in your mind? Now this amazing cake was full of tooth-decaying goodness. Smarties, jelly tots, Astros and more!

Ah. Looking back on this picture, I am totally getting Unicorn cake cravings! Anyways, the point of this post is not only to share this beautiful cake but to let you know where YOU can find it. If you are in Cape Town of course.  You can find it at….*Drum roll* …Tessa’s Bakery! Not only did the cake taste amazing but it was custom made to my boyfriends specifications. The quality was also beyond delicious.

My foodie goal with my blog is to share all the best kept secrets and yummiest food suppliers in Cape Town [and South Africa] with all of you! Whether this be the best local food truck or the most amazing bakery, I think it’s only fair to share the yummy. Let me know what you think of this delicious, colourful piece of magic! Have you bought something from Tessa’s?

FULL DISCLAIMER: I was not paid, compensated or offered anything to write this post. It is purely my thoughts and opinion of my amazing cake!

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