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Hola, Bonjour, HI!

The brand Bella Monsoon was established in 2018 and has since become an integral part of my life. I currently create both photographic & video content around a multitude of topics with a particular focus on tackling the psychological aspects behind true crimes- particularly within the country I live in- South Africa.

I am the queen of teaching myself new skills (if I do say so myself) so often I love to share what I learn with others. I take all my own images, edit all my own Youtube videos and even design and upgrade both my brand and company websites!

My literal motto for life: She believed she could; and so she did!



Bella Monsoon


I am a makeup enthusiast with a major passion for creative and SFX makeup. But that being said, I LOVE a good glam face beat too!

If makeup is your best friend or even just a distant twice removed cousin who you kind of avoid… my content (and I) are here for you!


As mentioned, I am a psychology honours graduate with experience and extensive training in trauma counseling too.

I have used this knowledge and my continuous growing passion for both psychology as well as forensic psychology to fuel the information behind the Youtube videos I create.




I’ve always been a little obsessed with true crime and ever since working within the mental health field- I have grown to see cases in a very different light too.

I am currently placing a huge focus on cases within South Africa both the ones you may have heard of and the ones that you might never hear of.



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