Hello again my lovelies!

So this post is about one of my FAVOURITE Cape Town trails. So firstly, because of my obsession with lists and organisation....let me list 3 main reasons why I LOVE this trail.

  1. It is completely PET friendly
  2. You can cycle, run, hike or walk down the different paths
  3. It has SO MUCH going on in one place- a little stream, some steep incline, some forests AND some open areas.

Find my Vlog on my recent adventure down below!

So my boyfriend, my two little chihuahuas and myself often frequent this forest. It is absolutely magical to say the least and offers so much. Some days we will go through early and end up hiking for hours! Other days, we will head through in the late afternoon and do a forest walk and mini hike with the little ones.

I live to explore all the different trails in Cape Town but I always return to this one. Have any of you guys been? Let me know in the comments!

So the second part of my story. The last few months have been so crazy busy and I have seriously let my fitness fall waaay too much. So I have opted to try get back on that bandwagon. It's obviously MUCH easier said than done but it NEEDS to be done. Since my fitness levels have dropped, so have my energy levels and my healthy sleeping and eating patterns. So I am making the change. Before I end up looking back on these missed opportunities in a few years time, wondering WHY did I not just get off my butt and do it!

So if you guys are interested in seeing more getting back on the bandwagon posts which will include my health eating prep and plans, fitness routines and just general bad habit kicking posts! Let me know down below! Also let me know if you have any tips and suggestions to getting back on that infamous bandwagon! I would LOVE to hear them.


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