Hey Bella Babes!

So I am sit here writing my first film review and I am super excited to be doing so!

Last week Ster Kinekor invited me to the pre-screening of Searching. 

I thought I would quickly and concisely give you my opinion of this movie (which spoiler alert) I thought was brilliant!

Keen to know more? Then read on.

The Basics

Searching is a 2018 thriller that revolves around the disappearnce of a 16 year old girl, Margot goes missing. Her dad is thrown into a frenzy trying to find her and in doing so, stumbles upon the darker side of social media, the web and modern day life.

And of course you know everything is going to get crazy from there!

I absolutely enjoyed the way in which this story unfolded and the unique way in which the overall theme of technology and social media was really pulled in and continued throughout the film. Often I find that the initial theme of a film tends to get lost throughout the experience and thus the end result is not one of utter coherence. This however was not the case with this film.

I also find this film extremely relevant as in this day and age, as social media is everywhere and technology usage is only becoming more prevalent and commonplace. This brings about a whole new slew of complications along with all the advantages.

Aneesh Chaganty (the director) made his feature film directorial debut with Searching and went on to win the Alfred. P Sloane feature film prize at the Sundance film festival.

My last note (and quite a big one) is that I love films that have many twists that you don’t see coming (Yeah Sixth Sense I am looking at you!). This film is a rollercoaster of twists and turns- an epic montage of well thought out and well developed plot lines that all seamlessly come together to form a cohesive and engaging narrative.

What I loved

John Cho gives a Stellar performance throughout the movie, really capturing the attention of the audience from start to completion. Debra Messing takes a more serious role which is really interesting to watch as I am used to her cracking jokes and pulling funny faces. She takes her role as the police detective very convincingly.

I also really love the portrayal of Asian-Americans in a film and this integration of different cultures and races really bring diversity to modern filmmaking. PLUS it was directed by an Indian-American filmmaker who is ONLY 27 years old!

What I didn’t love

Honestly, that it had to end! I was really enjoying the engagement and plot twists of this film that when it finally ended, I was wanting more!

John Cho, Director Aneesh Chaganty and Debra Messing

True to Genre
Feature Length
Acting Quality
John Cho is phenomenal
No unnecessary dialogue
Aneesh Chaganty is amazing!



To watch the trailer- click below:

To book to see Searching (or anything else really), you can head over to Sterkinekor.com

Would you go watch this movie? Let me know!

Catch you babes next time!


Bella Monsoon


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