Hello my lovelies and welcome back to my Product Review Series.

This week, we have the Biophase Anti-Aging Hydrating Face Mask! I was so kindly sent these face masks by AI Beauty . For ALL you need to know about this beauty institute, check out the bottom of this post! <3

As you probably know, I am a massive fan of face masks and cannot live without my bi-weekly face masking sessions! So if there is a new product in the market, I NEED to know about it and of course, I need to try it out!

Overall NB Points


Masking is in. Like seriously! Who  doesn’t enjoy a good face mask? Sit back, relax and let the mask do all the work. This gorgeous sheet mask is specifically geared towards penetrating the skin to enable regeneration.


As per the documentation I received with the products:

“Bio Phase Anti-Aging Hydrating Face Mask is enriched with water essence extracted from a variety of selective natural plants and blended with active moisturizing wild tremella. The mask is rich in microelements and small water molecules that deeply penetrate into the skin layer and replenish the cells with water, nutrients and promote the regeneration of tender, fresh and rejuvenated skin.”

Water, glycerin, propylene glycol, chrysanthellum indicum extract, honey extract, holothurin, punica granatum panax ginseng fruit extract, leontopodium alpinium flower/leaf extract, centella asiatica extract, egf, argireline, sclerotium rolfssii gel, avena sativa kernal extract, tremella fuciformis extract,  opuntia streptacantha stem extract, hydroxyl methyl ester, phenoxyethyl alcohol, essence

Where can you buy it

Biophase is available directly from AI Beauty- their details are at the end of this post! ALSO these amazing masks will be available soon from November in Dischem, Clicks and Sorbet! YAY!

Retail Price

R56 for a single mask. R280 for a pack of 5 masks.



My Review

I usually opt for masks that comes in tubs so I really enjoyed the different texture for a change. After the initial difficulty of getting the mask out of the packet (Keep scissors  nearby to assist you!) The mask itself is so super hydrating and moist from the moment I placed it on my face, I could feel the formula seeping into my pores. What I really loved about this mask was that it fitted my face perfectly- something not all sheet masks end up doing!

15 minutes (and some Youtube videos later) it was time to remove the mask. After removing the mask and wiping off the excess product,my skin was left feeling super soft, super hydrated and incredibly nourished. Having combination skin, I love finding the perfect balance between hydrated but not oily and I feel like this mask definitely did the intended  job.

Additionally, off the get go, the packaging of this product is very informative (which is always great…I love the little details!) The fragrance of the mask is also incredibly pleasant- sometimes the smell of these masks are not very appealing however this mask, with all the natural properties contained within it, really did end up smelling quite great!

Essentially, the mask is exactly what it states to be, a super hydrating mask that leaves your skin refreshed and rejuvenated!

Want to see the mask in action? Please make sure to check out my Instagram video being posted this Sunday (30th September 2018)








Smell, Texture and Fit  5/5

Value for Money 5/5

Accurate Description 5/5

Packaging and Presentation 5/5

Overall Rating


So, is it Bella approved?


All you need to know about AI Beauty

AI Beauty Aesthetic Center offers its clients a world class medical beauty and aesthetic experience in Johannesburg. They are based in Bedfordview.

Contact: 060 626 7666

Email: aibeauty@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/aibeautycenter

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aibeautyza/

To place orders or find out anything else about their products or services, you can contact them directly via their email address, phone number or through DM on their Instagram or Facebook page.


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