A Serene Surprise in Beaufort West

Hi my beauties!

So earlier this year, my boyfriend, my two Chihuahua’s and myself went on our regular road trip that we do every few months. So we LOVE to start from Cape Town and end up somewhere around Drakensberg/Durban side before coming back home. I always plan the road trip in advance [only like by two weeks or so] to make sure that we can find pet friendly accommodation along the way.

I will make a post soon about my tips & tricks for planning an epic road trip plus I will share all our destinations with you guys too! We really enjoyed every single little city we stopped in.

Okay, so back to the title of this blog post. Beaufort West, for me at least, has ALWAYS been that overnight stop JUST to break up a long driving journey. It has never been a place I intentionally stop at. Yes, I said it but YOU were totally thinking it! This year though, I decided that even though we needed a place to break up our journey, I was going to find one that we could enjoy.

And that I did.

Enter Ko Ka Tsara Bush Camp. The amazing bush camp just 23km outside of Beaufort West. It is really a little piece of heaven. We spent the day and night there and it was magical! Let me break down WHY it was so awesome in 5 simple points.

  1. It is Self-catering and has everything you could need from cooking facilities, a braai spot & even DSTV
  2. It is PET FRIENDLY! Yes, how awesome!
  3. It is secluded yet incredibly safe and we didn’t fear any outsiders or predatory animals once when were there
  4. There is a pool and breakfast facilities as well as ready made braai and lunch packs (just in case you didn’t feel like bringing or cooking food!…Super convenient!)
  5. And lastly, each chalet is private, well maintained AND can sleep 4!

BONUS: You can see giraffe, bokkie, monkeys and even spot a huge tortoise or two right on your chalet doorstep. No joke.

We ended up taking a drive through one of the multiple trails in the HUGE property [some of the path does get a bit rocky so it is advised to only go through with a larger vehicle!] However the view is well worth it. Plus, my boyfriend flew his drone in the property (as it was allowed by the owner) and we got some amazing footage too! I have posted some drone footage that my boyfriend took and I edited below. Be sure to check it out.  I have also added some of the pics below.

Altogether our first stop of our 2018 road trip was absolutely magical and set the tone for the remainder of our trip [which I will post more about soon!]

Have you been to Ko Ka Tsara before? Or do you have a favourite spot in Beaufort you like? Let me know in the comments below…let’s chat!

FULL DISCLAIMER: I was not paid, compensated or offered anything to write this post. It is purely my thoughts and my experiences of my stay there!

Want to see some drone footage I edited of our drive out? Watch below!

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