Huda Desert Dusk Palette Review

Hello my lovelies!

Welcome to my beauty blog. Today’s post was definitely first on my list of to-do reviews although I know it is a bit late [considering the palette came out a good couple of months ago!] Never-the-less, here I am giving you my thoughts on this palette.

Look, I will try to be as objective as possible and I will not let myself be overpowered by the beauty of the packaging and the palette itself. Promise.

So below are some swatches that I found online on three different skin colour variations.


As you can see from the swatches above [if you believe in swatches that is], that most of the colours do tend to show up well on majority of skin tones. My skin is a shade between the top and middle arms. If you guys would like me to do a swatching on my arm, let me know and I will set about attempting to achieve that. I say attempting because it would end up being my first full eye shadow palette swatch!

Anywho, for easy reading [and my mild *cough cough* yet ever present need to organize], I have arranged the review into the following two groups: 1. The Good 2. The Bad and the perhaps Ugly. Right, let us get to it.

1. The Good

It has to be noted that the colour scheme in this palette is wonderful, There is a variety of warm shades, brown shades and even a purple shade or two thrown in for good measure. There is also a lovely mixture of matte shades, glimmer shades and even a full on glitterama fest shade. [I love it]. I will add a pic I took of the palette below:

And then keeping in mind, my above photo was super artsy and Instagrammy [YEAH, I do make up words. This will be a re-occuring theme in my blogs!] I will post a more official and full look of the palette below. Taken off the internet. So please don’t sue me if someone decided to edit the colours and add a filter. Please. I did try to find the pic that looks the most like the actual palette though. Just on a side note.

I really enjoyed playing around with the colours in the palette as they really blend well together. I also found that the colours lasted the whole day with just a simple setting mist over it. You can see one of the looks I created with the palette below:

So to summarize:

  • Great colour scheme
  • Nice variety of matte, glimmer and even a glitter shade
  • Deeply pigmented colour
  • Super blendable with the correct brush (fluffy as oppose to stiff)
  • The colours work really well together to create a variety of looks

2. The bad and the not-so-ugly:

So I have heard that people have complained about the fall out of some of the shades in the palette. I did find that with some of the darker shades, i.e Oud and Saffron, there was fall out, but it was minimal at best. Majority of the colour still remained on my eye and after blending was still deeply pigmented. To get the best vibrancy from the palette, I would suggest using a primer or concealer as the colours tend to pop a lot more. I also heard people complain that the glitter and glimmer shades were hard to apply but honestly, I did not have any issue with application. It was however with keeping the full glitter shade off all my face. However after a short spritz of setting spray, we were all good to go.

So to sum it up:

  • There is some fall out with darker shades however it is minimal and does not take away from the pigmented effect
  • For better vibrancy, use an eyeshadow primer or concealer
  • There is a lack of a pigmented lighter shade
  • The full glitter colour MUST be set otherwise you WILL end up with glitter everywhere and you might just look like you exited the strip club. Just saying. I DID warn you.


I love it! Honestly, the good far outweighed the bad for me. The colours are vibrant, warm and varied. The lack of a super light shade and the minimal fallout are barely dealbreakers for me at the end of the day! So my verdict, BUY!

What do you guys think of the palette? Let me know, down below!

Disclaimer: I was not paid in any way or form for this review!

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