{PRODUCT REVIEW} Cloud Nine Wide Hair Iron

Hello my lovelies and welcome to yet another instalment of my reviews!

So this time, it is the Cloud Nine Wide Hair Iron that I will be reviewing.

Background Info:

I have been a loyal GHD User ever since GHD became a thing in South Africa. Each year a new model/limited edition came out, I just HAD to have it. So essentially I have a small collection of GHD stylers ranging in colours from royal purple covered in flowers to Snow White inspired magic! HOWEVER, as you might know (if you too have been a GHD Limited Edition hoarder) the limited editions are NEVER as great as the originals so now I have, in the corner of my makeup room, a small hospital of slowly fading, past their sell-by date hair irons.

Right, so that is pretty much my hair iron history up to present.


Enter the Cloud Nine!

What I bought: Cloud Nine Wide Iron Gift Set


This iron forms part of the original Cloud Nine range with the difference being that the plates are wider and thus better formulated for longer and thicker hair.

Important Features

Unique Mineral Coated Plates

The innovative, ultra smooth, mineral coated straightening plates are baked for 72 hours, to polish and shine your hair without dragging.

One-touch Temperature Control

With seven temperature settings from a cool sub-100° to a super hot 200°, you can choose the temperature to suit your style and your hair. The one-touch temperature control lets you change the heat setting easily and with the clear green LED dot display you’ll always know what level of heat you’re applying to your hair.

Patented 360° Ball-joint Swivel Cord (Spoiler alert: MY FAVOURITE FEATURE!)

Cloud Nine’s unique, patented, ball & socket swivel cord lets you enjoy incredible, 360° freedom of movement when hair styling. It allows you to create something wonderful without worry or hassle, the cord will simple swivel around on the base to support your every move.

Hibernation Mode

The hibernation mode delivers intelligent sleep technology that automatically kicks in when the irons have been switched on, but not used for 30 minutes. When the irons go into hibernation mode they will switch off and cool down fully.

Where did I buy it

Some salons do stock Cloud Nine  but I found that the best priced one to be online – hairhq.co.za

Retail Price

R2595.00 for the Gift Set I bought

R2290.00 for the Cloud Nine alone

Click the below link to find the listing online!♥


Click the below link to find the listing online!♥


My Thoughts

So here is what I love about the Cloud Nine:

  1. You can adjust the temperature on the hair iron from 100°C to 200°C
  2. Every time I have used the hair iron, whether to curl or straighten my hair, the style has lasted for WAY longer than my previous straightener
  3. The swivel functionality really aids in curling, like A LOT.
  4. The Wider plates make straightening my hair SO MUCH faster. I have really long, thick hair, so taking a full 20 minutes less to do my hair, is well welcomed!
  5. The protective heat guard that comes with the straightener is such an essential tool and one that has saved the material on my side tables countless times.

What I don’t love so much

  1. The wider plates do make curling a little bit harder to get used to as opposed to a thinner/smaller plated hair iron but this is to be expected. I have curled my hair a few times now with the Cloud Nine and I have finally started to get the hang of the wider plates

Overall NB Points





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