Hello 2020!

This blog has been severely neglected over the past year and I apologise to those who are subscribed and perhaps may have wondered  where in the world I have disappeared to. Well life kinda happened as it always tends to and the last thing I had time to think about was my blog!

As I go along, I would like to share more of what has been happening, the good & the bad…it’s just a..lot… and I am not really sure where to start.

But my silence on this platform changes now! I am not going to make any crazy commitments because, lets be honest…if you know me, you will know I HATE being told what to do! (Even if it is by myself, haha!)

I spent the last few weeks upgrading my blog and website. I have moved my entire site over from bellamonsoon.co.za to bellamonsoon.com

Along with this change, I am also adding a list of services to my page which I hope will continue to grow over the year. These will include options like photo editing, video editing and more!

But before we get onto all that, I feel an obligatory montage of my MUCH needed chilling out time. 

Please enjoy!

I have spent the last 2 weeks taking a proper break- the first one in many many months. From having my absolute best friend over to visit to binge-watching series and of course obsessively playing Far Cry (yes I am a FPS PS4 girl too!)

However I can’t be on holiday forever (as much as I would love that!) so here I am, ready for a new year- ready to usher in a kick-ass 2020!


Bella Monsoon


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