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Hello my lovelies,

Can you believe this is my first post of 2019? Crazy right? I started out this blog bright eyed and bushy tailed but as the commitments of last year piled on, this particular avenue was neglected.

However I would like that to change. That being said, for the time being, I am not committing myself to a blogging schedule as life is a bit here and there and everywhere BUT I will be trying to complete and publish many of the drafts and ideas I have been working on.

Also, I would love to find out from you- my readers (if you have still loyally stuck around)- what you might like to see on this blog?

  • Product Reviews?
  • Travel Recommendations?
  • Pet related content?
  • Tech related content?
  • Food reviews?
  • Recipes?

Let me know! I am keen to product any and all of the above content as these are my main interests. I also co-ordinate blog posts with Youtube posts. For example, my peppermint crisp recipe is actually linked to the Youtube tutorial video visually bringing the recipe to life.

But enough of my ramblings, this was supposed to be a short and sweet catch up 😀

I will see you all in the next post.

But till then,


Bella Monsoon


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