Key Knife | Concealed Self Defense Safety Tool | South Africa



Let’s talk knives (discreet ones that is!)

Pretty self explanatory and packing a 5cm concealed blade, this little tool is powerful for its small size. Arguably the most useful everyday tool. It also it’s doubles up as a useful utensil at your next picnic if you forget the cutlery 😅


  • Made of superior material making it not only durable but wear-resistant for long-time use

BOTTOM LINE: Defend yourself with force and confidence, because let me tell you- your attacker won’t think twice about your well-being .


We all deserve to feel safe and protected. These may be uncertain times but one thing you can at least be assured is that should the worst case scenario ever occur- the Bella range of tools have got your back! The goal of this collection is to give you some peace of mind that you could have the chance to escape from a dangerous situation.

BRAVE by Bella is a collection that aims to remind you that you are stronger than you think and braver than you believe. The goal is to offer affordable but stylish (always!) practical self defence tools that empower and protect.

Your safety is a human right.


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Black, Blue, Silver, Red, Pink, Purple, Green

Key Knife | Concealed Self Defense Safety Tool | South Africa

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