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  • Kitty Knuckles Cover Image Sale

    Let’s talk kitty knuckles 🐱

    Unsuspecting. Quick to action. Dangerous when it needs to be!…Much like the feline friend it takes it design from🐱😅


    • Stainless aluminium construction (means this little tool won’t fail you at your time of need)
    • Made of superior zinc alloy material making it not only durable but wear-resistant for long-time use –

    How to Use:

    The most effective way to use this tool is to ensure you have a good punch stance and follow through. Practice makes perfect and that’s what I will ALWAYS recommend for ANY of the safety tools purchased.

    BOTTOM LINE: Defend yourself with force and confidence, because let me tell you- your attacker won’t think twice about your well-being .

  • Sale


    • Made of ABS material- built to be resistant
    • Built in LED light for load-shedding…or you know, emergencies
    • 140db Alarm- basically in the sound range of an ambulance

    How it works:

    • Pull the pin to activate the alarm
    • Utilise the button to activate the LED light
    • Works even at a distance of up to 180m

    Simple, convenient and hella effective. Attaches to your keys, handbag or even jeans.



  • 3-in-1 tool Car Safety South Africa Sale

    An absolute essential for any vehicle… And a 3-in-1… because who doesn’t like a multi-purpose tool?🙌🏽


    • Window Breaker: Spring-loaded Stainless Steel Spike
    • Seatbelt Cutter: Stainless Steel Blade
    • Whistle

    How it Works:

    • The spring-loaded stainless steel spike technology which is embedded within the window breaker allows you to break windows in case of emergency/accident
    • The concealed Stainless Steel blade aids to cut through your seatbelt (or other bondages)
    • An emergency whistle aids to alert those around you for attention during an emergency