Door Stop Alarm | Safety Tool | South Africa


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The perfect tool for that added peace of mind when travelling or even just in your home

Travelling and just not 100% sure of hotel safety…especially when staying alone? No security system at home or want to be extra vigilant? This is the safety tool for you.

Affordable, high quality and packing a punch (120dB to be precise) this handy alarm is super easy to set up and use. Simply unpack from the box, insert a standard 9V battery (not included) and place behind the door of your choice.  Should an intruder attempt to enter, the alarm will be activated- not only scaring the intruder but allowing you the space and time to become aware of the situation and react.

And the extra bonus? Super quick temporary installation that does not require wires or infrastructure modification. No damage to the door or space and easy to move from location to location.


  • Three levels of sensitivity to choose from

  • An on/off switch for when it’s not in use

  • Super lightweight and easy to carry and travel with

  • Slip proof grip

  • Simple Setup

  • Can be used on a varietyfof doors and floor surfaces

The perfect companion to the Bella Monsoon Door locker tool

Wherever you go; go with confidence.

Your safety is a human right.


We all deserve to feel safe and protected. These may be uncertain times but one thing you can at least be assured is that should the worst case scenario ever occur- the Bella range of tools have got your back! The goal of this collection is to give you some peace of mind that you could have the chance to escape from a dangerous situation.

BRAVE by Bella is a collection that aims to remind you that you are stronger than you think and braver than you believe. The goal is to offer affordable but stylish (always!) practical self defence tools that empower and protect.

Your safety is a human right.


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Door Stop Alarm | Safety Tool | South Africa

Original price was: R199.00.Current price is: R179.00.

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