Stun Gun/Torch- 1 000 000 Volts

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Trust me when I tell you, I am not kidding about the punch this compact little device packs.

Lightweight, multiple ways to carry and SERIOUS protection power, the perfect addition to any safety collection.

Each Stun Gun comes with a charger, belt pouch AND wrist strap lanyard


Here’s the product low down:


  • Length: 165mm
  • Height: 35mm
  • Width: 35mm


  • 1 000 000 volts
  • LED Torch
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery

Before first use, please charge for 12 hours/overnight. You can then charge for around 8 hours every 2nd month or so, depending on use of torch and stun gun features.

Stun Gun/Torch- 1 000 000 Volts


Out of stock