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    The first and ONLY comprehensive (and totally out this world) safety set.

    This set is comprised of:

    • A limited edition, Bella Monsoon exclusive, mini suitcase
      • A fully functional mini suitcase
      • Multi-purpose to store so many things (besides safety pieces of course)..Think makeup, jewellery or even your faux lashes!
      • And did we mention, it’s limited edition?!
    • A durable wrist strap, lipgloss holder AND sanitiser pouch
      • Durable, convenient and the perfect accessory set
    • Discreet Comb Knife
      • Galaxy Comb Knife
      • Easy to grip and use
      • ABS/Nylon Fiber Construction
      • Discreet and multipurpose
      • Small enough to fit in your bag
    • Metal Kitten Self Defense Key Ring
      • Stainless aluminium construction (means this little tool won’t fail you at your time of need)
      • Made of superior zinc alloy material making it not only durable but wear-resistant for long-time use
    • Window Breaker/Seatbelt Cutter/Whistle
      • Window Breaker: Spring-loaded Stainless Steel Spike
      • Seatbelt Cutter: Stainless Steel Blade
      • Whistle
    • Key Knife
      • Made of superior material making it not only durable but wear-resistant for long-time use
    • 140 Decibel Alarm and LED light
      • Made of ABS material- built to be resistant
      • Built in LED light for load-shedding…or you know, emergencies
      • 140db Alarm- basically in the sound range of an ambulance
    • Pepperspray
      • 20ml with keychain attachment and clip to easily fix to any handbag, safety keychain etc.
    • Pom Pom
      • Uh, it’s aesthetic? Because why not!
    • *FREEBIE* Custom Stickers
      • Because getting something for mahala in this day and age, is ALWAYS a win!


    We all deserve to feel safe and protected. These may be uncertain times but one thing you can at least be assured is that should the worst case scenario ever occur- this practical set of gadgets and tools could be a saving grace. The goal of this collection is to give you some peace of mind that you could have the chance to delay and get away from a dangerous situation.

    BRAVE by Bella is a collection that aims to remind you that you are stronger than you think and braver than you believe. The goal is to offer affordable but stylish (always!) practical self defence tools that empower and protect.

    Your safety is a human right.