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    • Ever wondered what the fascination with the true crime genre is? Well, you’re not the only one.

      As a registered mental health professional (and South African True Crime Digital Content Creator) – Bella Monsoon dives headfirst into the gritty, dark world of South African criminals and their shocking crimes in an incredibly unique format. Combining a psychological knowledge of the mind and behaviour with a keen eye for design and therapeutic benefit, we present…

      …The FIRST (and ONLY) South African True Crime Colouring Book!

      What’s in the ULTIMATE Bundle:

      1 x Adult Colouring Book

      1 x Staedtler 12 Piece Pencil Set

      1 x Custom True Crime Pencil Case

      This book is unlike anything you have seen before (guaranteed) and will take you on a journey into the minds behind the macabre to help you understand a little more about the factors at play within some of – not only the most notorious – but also the most unknown crimes that have occurred within South Africa.

      Learn more about the individuals who walk amongst us whilst engaging in a form of therapy- art therapy. The goal is to explore the world of true crime whilst making sure to NOT glamorize or romanticise these convicted criminals.

      Here’s what awaits you:
      – 30 unique narratives (Think Moses Sithole, Stewart Wilken, Rosemary Ndlovu) and accompanying illustrated designs.
      – A compilation that was proudly created, designed and illustrated in South Africa– by Bella Monsoon.

      The PERFECT gift for a true crime fanatic (Yes, gifting yourself is ALWAYS a good and totally acceptable idea too)

      PLEASE NOTE: This item is NOT suitable for children. This is an ADULT colouring book that contains narratives, images and subject matter that is probably not the best idea to share with the little ones.