car escape tool

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  • A must-have South African Safety tool for any vehicle. A FIRST in South Africa!

    Life happens and the only thing that we can truly prepare for, is the unexpected. This little tool is a must-have for anyone driving.

    Imagine being stuck in your vehicle, with no escape. Keep it within reach and in return, our safety escape hammer will have your back. Complete with a carbide tip used to shatter windows and a recessed sharp steel blade to cut through seatbelts, this multi tool has got you covered.

    This tool is a car essential in the Brave by Bella Monsoon range.


    • Easy to grip and use

    • Seatbelt cutter to get through the toughest of materials

    • Metal Strong tip safely encased until in use

    • Double steel ended finish to assist in clearing the glass of broken windows

    Wherever you go; go with confidence.

    Your safety is a human right.